I am a French professional photographer specialized in portrait, stories, corporate, events, tourism and lifestyle. I work in France, Mexico and Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
A way to express myself, a passion, an activity. The photography is a universal language. The fixed image allows me to share the most sensitive part of me, whatever are the conditions or conditions of shooting.
To represent your identity, a briefing is source of photographic ideas : theme, place of shooting, clothes, expressions.


The listening, the dialogue, the reactivity allow to understand your needs and propose an answer to your demand. An implication and a total investment in my photos are guarantors for a particular vision on a personality, a product, a service or an event. Obviously in adequancy with your request.

The power of seduction of a picture tempts of to know more about it

Capital gainThese last 15 years, I learnt to take advantage of numerous situations, to overtake the technical, bugetary or logistic constraints. To face the unforeseen, to adapt me to the imponderable, oblige to get off the beaten track. To sublimate the monents and get the most representative moments.

My carreer as a free lance drives me to work with private individuals, companies, NGO and foundations. The school of photoperiodism ? As for me, it is im my opinion, to find a point of view, to hold a look, to seize the movements as the moments of relaxation.

The well-being felt and shared during each shootings, is the sesame of my activity. Its quintessence ? An order which affects you, moves you and gets your attention.

portrait, look, focus, authentic, somenone's knowledge, personality, identity, intimity, to strike a pose, photogenic, art of direction

A strong moment, a message, a narrative, values

Images with a visual impact and without non-essentials. To accept an order is to renew me. It is to to understand how you envisage the photography and what pleases you in her. It is to adapt my way of working to stick at best on your request and, do better.

An optimization fo images for search engines