Accueil » DBCP an endocrine disruptor

Central America is known to be an incubator of banana republics, intimately linked to the unfolding of human tragedies.
Despite the disappearance of thousands ot its protagonists, one of them is reluctant to untie.

The main actor holds in the four initials of the chemical formula of a powerful endocrinedisruptor: D B C and P.
Created and used for the first time in 1955, DBCP is introduced into the soil by fumigation, to eradicate a microscopic mushroom that kills tropical fruits.
Very cheap, the DBCP has a huge global commercial success.
However, since 1961, laboratory studies have shown that exposure or inhalation of DBCP by rodents shrinks their testicles and, considerably reduces the quantity and quality of their sperm.

In the USA, about ten years after the completion of this study, its use is controlled with warnings and protections of the workers who use it in Hawaii. And it was not untill 1977 that the American health authority finally banned its use.
Untill the first half of the 1980s, DBCP manufacturers sold their reamaining stock in banana plantations in Central America.