Accueil » Beauty Queens in Sinaloa

Fireworks and rumbling bullets by Juan José Rodriguez (excerpts)

It is a step-by-step tour of Mazatlan’s carnival, a labyrinth of colors, a cult of beauty and a roar of bullets that merge with fireworks, and the drowning lament of mistrust, doubt and suspision.  

The quest and fight of an aspirant to reach the throne of carnival beauty queen is a process, which sometines synthesizes in a few weeks the moments of a lifetime. The girls come with the leitmotiv to reach the coveted Grail by all the girls of the city (…) The Queens’Attitude syndrome wreaked havoc in much of the state of Sinaloa as soon as the contest has been created.
The Miss Universe contest was founded in 1950 and since its inception, and by contagion in Mexico, the beauty pageants have been multiplied.
Sinaloa is the state that had the highest number of winners in the old version of Miss Mexico from 1952 to 1994, with six award-winning representatives. Added three girls since the new version of Miss Mexico now entitled, “Nuestra Belleza”.
This excitement to win the national beauty titles continued untill the mid-nineties, when the girls turned away from these competitions.
(…) Full seats, crowded balconies, ambassadresses of the beauty of the city wil give the best of themselves, isolated in their boxes, without any possibilities of communicating with the outside with their cell phones. All of them received the questions that they will have to answer in front of a rabid public and, an attentive jury.
Of course, it is impossible to value a person’s general culture in a single question drawn by lot. Therefore prime the one who knows best walk on the bridge, control her nerves, and give the most ingenious answer. Nobody has access to the boxes, except for a relative, an aunt or a cousin.


Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Juan José Rodriguez