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You are, you feel, you act, you are recognized. Your photo has an effect of superiotity for a first impression. Through my portraits, you will influence the image which your close friends, your interlocutors, your partners or your customers will have of your personality, your values, your skills.
We are not all professionals for the photogenic pose. A proven plan will reveal the image, wich you wish to develop and to value. To photograph you, it is to look after your appearance, to reveal certain aspects of your personality. Eventually it is to present you at your best, to generate some confidence, to surprise or to stand out.




objectivité, authenticité, connaissance de l'être humain, intimité, vérité, photogénie, vérité psychologique, individualité


retrato, mirada, enfoque, objetividad, autenticidad, conocimiento del ser humano, personalidad, identidad, intimidad, iverdad, postura fotografica, fotogenico, expresiones faciales, verdad psicologica, individualidad, particularidades, arte de dirigir a modelos